Understory Farm

Understory Farm & Design is an edible landscaping business, and homestead in South-East N.B., owned and operated Estelle Drisdelle. Estelle has a passion for permaculture, homesteading, and herbal medicine and offers fresh herbs, vegetables, as well as design consultations for a perennial edible gardens.


Understory Farm is run by herbalist and farmer, Estelle Drisdelle. Estelle grows medicinal and culinary herbs and vegetables restaurants, local markets, and and retail.


I offer a variety of herbs, vegetables, and herbal products grown right here on the farm . Food is medicine and medicine is food.

Design & Herbal Medicine

I have studied Permaculture Design with Blue MountainsWhole Systems Design, and the Regrarians, and I have put this hands-on experience into practice on my farm.

The understory is the diversity of plants that grow under the main canopy of trees in a forest. These understory plants connect a network of plants and fungi above and below the ground, feed many beneficial animals and insects, cycle nutrients in the soil, and produce an abundance food and medicine. I hope to do the same.