Understory Farm is run by herbalist and farmer, Estelle Drisdelle. Estelle grows medicinal and culinary herbs, garden produce, and does edible landscape design using Permaculture theory and practice.


Understory Farm & Design is run by Estelle and is located in beautiful Otter Creek, New Brunswick. Estelle grows over 50 medicinal and culinary herbs on the farm and in the gardens, as well as vegetables and nursery starts each spring. Minimal tillage, cover crops, and natural and organic inputs keep the farm running. The goal is to create an abundant and regenerative farm that requires minimal inputs and provides abundantly for our communities, as well as the soil, insects, and the wider ecosystem.

Ecosystem resilience is the foundation of this farm, focusing on Permaculture principles such as catching and storing energy, building soil, valuing and conserving diversity, and using small and slow solutions – which are the best solutions for land regeneration and carbon storage.